Hands we held over
Table tops
And above sidewalks
Seem to disappear under
The light of your eyes
I will seek to make
Only to the tune of truth
As it is

The land provides an
Unspoiled view
From the top of your bass
Smaller than music
We reach into our hearts
For any rhythm
That hasn’t been lost
To violence

Music saves a stagnant mind
I wind up courage
Round up raindrops
And set out with you
To fill the world with laughter

Just Around the Corner

Moss covered and without a word
Of encouragement
The world fills with spring.
It doesn’t know
Insult and won’t beget a

But that is somewhere else.
“A season is a season”
You say
Shuffling in in your slippers.
And my mind strayed to a time
When April wasn’t Winter
And would bloom.

“It’s simple,” you said
To a room that had only me in it,
The sunshine wasn’t there.
The furniture all burned.
“It will start thawing soon.”

And then you fell asleep,
As your eyelids took that bright green
From me–I choked on a sob.
You had been up all night
In the worst way.

Outside the land sat frozen
And Winter bent to no one.

Bringing Back

The lights flashed off
As 200 people rolled past the library
And I felt the eyes of millions of characters
Watch with envy
All of their stories had climaxed
With resolutions of their own

The fog settled with the smell of fumes
The trees pushed for change
Someone got off the train.

At the bottom of the occult stacks
Their head bowed over an old book
Bathed in stories and passed
From magical hands to the next
Donated by an old estate to its current place
The words stirred on their tongue
Characters form from dust
Voices begin to echo

Footsteps travel outside
A new world brought to life